Congratulate a Russian Woman with 8th of March, International Women’s Day

Watch this video to learn how to congratulate your sweetheart with the 8th of March or International Women’s Day in Russian. There are a couple ways to do so, which I cover in my video and in the article below. Enjoy and post any questions here. I hope you will be able to make any woman smile on this day.

Remember that 8th of March is a very special holiday for any Russian woman. This day represents love and warmth shown by men to all women around them: to their wife, mom, daughter(s). This is a day when you will see many men walking on the street with a bouquet of flowers and it is also traditional to pamper women on this day and express your love to them. So while I am sure you will find the perfect gifts for women in your life, I will help you learn what you can say or write in a card to congratulate them.

You can simply say “With the 8th of March!”, which is С ВОСЬМЫМ МАРТА! pronounced as S VAHS’-MIHM MAHR-TAH

The other way is to literally say “(I) congratulate (you) with the 8th of March!”, which is ПОЗДРАВЛЯЮ С ВОСЬМЫМ МАРТА! pronounced as PAHZ-DRAH-VLYA-YOU S VAHS-MIHM MAHR-TAH

And yet one more way to congratulate a woman with this special holiday is to say “With the International Women’s Day!”, which is С МЕЖДУНАРОДНЫМ ЖЕНСКИМ ДНЁМ! Pronounced as S MYEZH-DOO-NAH-ROHD-NIHM ZHENS-KEEM DNYOM

If we look at grammar of this sentence С МЕЖДУНАРОДНЫМ ЖЕНСКИМ ДНЁМ, then preposition “С” requires Instrumental case to follow it, hence the endings.

Please feel free to post your comments and questions on the article “March 8: International Women’s Day – Congratulations in Russian”. And I hope you will know how to congratulate all of the special women in your life.

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