Happy Easter in Russian

Learn how to say Happy Easter in Russian by watching this video:

There is a tradition for Russian Orthodox to greet each other the following way when meeting on Easter:

(1) The first person would say “ХРИСТОС ВОСКРЕСЕ” meaning “Christ is/has risen” pronounced as HRESS-TOHS VAHS-KRYE-SYE

(2) The second person would respond with “ВОИСТИНУ ВОСКРЕСЕ” meaning “Truly Christ is risen” pronounced as VAH-EES-TEE-NOO VAHS-KRYE-SYE

Another way to congratulate with Easter is to follow a common pattern for any other holiday when we literally say “With + name of the holiday.” So in this case we’ll say “С ПАСХОЙ!” meaning “I congratulate you with Easter” pronounced as S PAHS-HUY

HAPPY EASTER to everybody and I hope by now you have no issues saying Happy Easter in Russian. If you still have questions on how to say Happy Easter in Russian, please post your comments here and we’ll respond promptly.

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