How to say MERRY CHRISTMAS in Russian

Christmas is approaching fast so I would like to take a minute of your time to teach you how to say MERRY CHRISTMAS in Russian. It is very easy, but important to learn in times for holidays to use with your family and friends. Can you imagine how your loved ones will be surprised to hear you say Merry Christmas in Russian? It will make them smile no less than when getting a gift.

To say MERRY CHRISTMAS in Russian, say S RAH-ZH-DEE-ST-VOHM, which in Russian looks like С РОЖДЕСТВОМ. If you know how to read Cyrillic, please use the Russian alphabet to read the words. It is always preferable over English spelling as everybody tends to spell it differently in English and there is no perfect option.

Another way to say MERRY CHRISTMAS in Russian is by actually using the word “happy” or “merry”: S-SCHAH-ST-LEE-VAH-VAH RAH-ZH-DEE-ST-VAH, in Cyrillic alphabet СЧАСТЛИВОГО РОЖДЕСТВА.

Remember that Russian Orthodox Church celebrates Christmas after New Year’s, thirteen days after Western Christmas, according to the old Julian calendar and it falls on January, 7. While it is a very joyous holiday, it is still celebrated less than New Year’s in Russia. In 1917 when Communists came to power they banned open expression of religion so many of Christmas-related symbols were transferred to New Year’s, such as decorated Christmas Tree. Another character called Dehd Mahrohz / Grandfather Frost (Russian Santa Claus) was introduced into the festivities. With time it is more and more celebrated in Russia as a religious holiday.

I hope this article and video “How to say MERRY CHRISTMAS in Russian” was helpful and taught you this important phrase. Comment here with any questions or email us at . We’ll be happy to help if you still need any additional guidance on how to say Merry Christmas in Russian.

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