I love you in Russian

I love you in Russian
How can one say “I LOVE YOU” in Russian? What are other ways to express love to someone in Russian? How can I explain my love feelings in Russian to either a woman or a man?

Today’s Russian video is teaching you how to say the following phrases in Russian:

  • I love you
  • I can’t live without you
  • My love has no borders
  • All ages surrender to love
  • All I need is your love
  • I will always love you

I LOVE YOU in Russian is Я ТЕБЯ ЛЮБЛЮ / ya tee-bya lyub-lyu

I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT YOU in Russian is НЕ МОГУ ЖИТЬ БЕЗ ТЕБЯ / nye mah-goo zheet’ byes tee-bya

MY LOVE HAS NO BORDERS in Russian is МОЯ ЛЮБОВЬ НЕ ЗНАЕТ ГРАНИЦ / mah-ya lyu-bof’ nye znah-yet grah-neets

ALL AGES SURRENDER TO LOVE in Russian is ЛЮБВИ ВСЕ ВОЗРАСТЫ ПОКОРНЫ / lyub-vee vsye vohz-rahs-ti pah-kohr-ni

ALL I NEED IS YOUR LOVE in Russian is ВСЁ, ЧТО МНЕ НУЖНО – ЭТО ТВОЯ ЛЮБОВЬ / vsyo, shtoh mnye noozh-nah etah tvah-ya lyu-bohf

I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU in Russian is Я БУДУ ВСЕГДА ЛЮБИТЬ ТЕБЯ / ya boo-doo fsyeg-dah lyu-beet’ tee-bya

I hope that by watching the video and reading the article you now know how to say I LOVE YOU in Russian and even know more ways to express your love in Russian. Please feel free to post any comments or any questions below regarding this article “I love you in Russian”.

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