Russian Poem for Beginners: MISHKA by Agniya Barto

Where to find Russian poems for Beginners and how to learn to pronounce them? – My students have asked this question multiple times so I finally got a chance to record a video teaching this great Russian poem for beginners and / or for children called МИШКА / MISHKA / [meesh-kah] meaning Teddy Bear written by Agniya Barto / Агния Барто.

In fact, Agniya Barto / Агния Барто wrote multiple short poems and my 2-year old daughter loves to recite them. She never seems to get tired of the simple rhymes. This video not only presents you the poem, but teaches you how to say it exactly right in Russian. It will take you a couple minutes to watch it, but will provide invaluable experience of listening to a native Russian speaker reciting it, seeing the text on the screen and hearing the translation.

Уронили мишку на пол,

[oo-rah-nee-lee meesh-koo nah-pahl]

Оторвали мишке лапу.

[ah-tahr-vah-lee meesh-kye lah-poo]

Всё равно его не брошу —

[vsyo rahv-noh ye-voh nye broh-shoo]

Потому что он хороший.

[pah-tah-moo-shtah ohn hah-roh-sheey]


On the floor lies tiny Teddy

Half a paw is gone already.

He is tattered, torn, and lame.

Yet I love him just the same.

I really hope that you enjoyed the video, learned this wonderful Russian poem for beginners and now can recite Mishka easily. Let me know if you have any questions or comments. I love hearing back from all the students, parents and anybody interested in learning more about Russian language and culture. Using some simple Russian poems for beginners like Mishka is a great add-on to any Russian language course or studies program. We will be adding more videos in the future so stay tuned and learn more Russian poems for beginners with us.

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3 Responses to Russian Poem for Beginners: MISHKA by Agniya Barto

  1. Madison says:

    Hi, I was just wondering what Agniya Barto book this nursery rhyme was from.

    • Russian Teacher and Translator says:

      Madison, it is usually part of any book with Barto poems for children. And there are very many of them!

  2. I love your translation of this poem. Do you have translations of other Russian poems for children to English or German?

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