Russian Klaviatura

Russian Klaviatura (which is Russian for “Keyboard”) is essential when you need to type in Russian on everyday basis or even if you just occasionally send letters and text messages to your Russian speaking friends or loved ones. Having Russian klaviatura, or Russian keyboard makes these tasks effortless and it is super easy to obtain.

In fact, you do not even need to buy a full Russian keyboard. What if you have a laptop with an existing keyboard? – The answer is surprisingly simple. You just buy Russian keyboard stickers at only $ 9.99 for the entire set. It is a much cheaper alternative to any kind of a keyboard and it also works for any type of laptop or desktop computers. You would not want to have a second keyboard for your laptop, would you? Russian keyboard stickers make it super easy to add Russian to any keyboard. All you need to do is to apply them onto the existing keyboard and you are all set! We even indicate which key each sticker should be put on, so even a non Russian speaking person can do it.

Russian stickers are printed on clear adhesive film and laminated, protecting the letters from wear and tear as well as making them more durable. There are a total of 40 individual labels, which include 33 Russian letters and 7 symbols of the Cyrillic (Russian) alphabet. They are clear so you can still see the original English letters on the keyboard.

By ordering Russian Klaviatura Stickers / Russian Keyboard Stickers today you get free shipping. You will receive white, blue or red stickers, all of which will look great on your Russian Klaviatura! In case you have a strong preference for either one, please indicate so in the Comments area when ordering. Feel free to contact us with questions at and happy typing in Russian!

$ 9.99

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